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    Never get lost Again!
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    Hiking / Exploring / Enjoying
    Buscador saves your battery
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    Hiking / Exploring / Enjoying
    Call for help if you need one
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    Hiking / Exploring / Enjoying
    Enjoy nature like never before

BUSCADOR - Safe Hiking App

Buscador is a Spanish word for “the one who searches, the one who explores”. BUSCADOR will make your hike safe and help you find more than you look for! Since you are in nature, you don’t want to stare in your screen so put your phone in your backpack, enjoy and be safe. The App is made to be extremely battery friendly so you can hike much, much longer.

Get it on Google Play

Buscador App will be available soon on Google Play. Leave us your email address and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.


Easily find a perfect trail in a region you are planning to visit.
Best trails, best descriptions and points of interests.
Turn Safety Button ON and Buscador won’t let you miss the right trail.
Use Advanced SOS Button that sends you help if you need one.
Made to be extremely battery friendly.

Find a perfect trail

Find a perfect trail

Choose one of Buscador Certified Trails, Buscador Recommended Trails, Buscador Super Trails or between many others.

Stay on your trail

Stay on your trail

Buscador will take care of your safety! You will never miss a trail again.

Advanced sos

advanced sos

Buscador knows where you are and it will send you help faster then others.

Extremely battery friendly

Extremely battery friendly

We know what it means to be out of batteries in the wilderness. Bad scenario.

Buscador will make your hike safe and help you find more than you look for!


Search&Rescue missions per year


Million $ Spent for missions


National Parks around the world


Million hikers annually

Become Buscador

We are looking for those special kinds of people. People who can’t wait to be wandering around another national park. If you are that kind of a person, please let us know. We will give you our tracks, and you will give us yours. Let’s exchange. Contact us and we’ll send you exclusive Buscador Track Maker App and make you a super user in the Buscador final app. You will be part of our Buscador team!

Create your own track

Possibility to create and enjoy your own track with all beautiful sightseeings

Share with Buscador

Buscador is always open for new passionate users who want to share

Part of Buscador

You can get exclusive Buscador Track Maker App and become part of the Buscador team

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    Real Buscador
    Get your exclusive Buscador Track Maker App and Become real Buscador

National Parks

There are over 3000 national parks worldwide. We want to make a network and make every one of them much safer. But we need your help too. If you spend time, more than other people do, in one of those 3000, we want to hear from you. We are interested in your experience. You can make a change and make your national park safer. Let’s be partners and make a change together!

Are You Interested?

Let us know at info@buscadorapp.com

About us

We have been hiking, climbing, wondering and searching for adventures throughout the world. We are experienced mountaineers, hikers and nature lovers who conquered places from highest mountains to deepest forests and beautiful deserts. We experienced the magic of the Alps, the beauty of Kilimanjaro, the greatness of Everest. We have led thousands of people to amazing adventures in nature and two things that we know for sure are that you don’t want to be lost in the wild and that the safety comes first.


During the last 20 years, we’ve been traveling around the world, hiking on thousands of trails, and have been lost in numerous occasions. It happens regularly to everyone who hikes.


The app that won’t let you get lost never again. It follows your route and notifies you when you are of the track. It has to be battery friendly and since you are in nature, you don’t want to stare in your screen. You want to put your phone in your backpack, enjoy and be safe.


Made by experienced mountaineers and skilled developers, Buscador is a real tool for nature. It doesn’t let you get lost and calls for help if you need one. It also allows you to find and explore beautiful nature around you.


We are currently expanding our database of gps tracks in national parks around the world. We are also making strong relationships and cooperation with search&rescue teams and we expect to cover Europe and North America by the end of 2016.